Thank you

It is still amazing to me that we are over the hump with the Issaquah house!! Hooray! What a relief to have a sale go so quickly after what we have gone through with the La Connor house.

I feel so fortunate that we were introduced to you 5 years ago and that you kept the ball rolling with sending us your postcards, good business move on your part. I could not have found a better agent if my life depended on it-you are the best!

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated you when you would say I will do it! There were so many times I was so overwhelmed with personal matters, you literally saved the day many times over! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Diana (2010)

In Appreciation

We appreciated all your hard work in helping us get to our beautiful new home. We love it!

Brett & Maureen

Thank you for looking after us

Thank you so much for your patience, time and getting us our first home. Thank you for always looking out for us as if we were your children. We have enjoyed every minute we have spent with you and truly hope we will stay in touch.

Mitika & Amit

Our friend Marsha

How can we ever thank you for all your help and thoughtfulness in our home search? It was a pleasure working with you from start to finish. You are so knowledgeable and patient, searching for a home with you was easy. It never felt like work, and instead was a fun way to spend our weekends with our friend Marsha.

We are so happy with our new home! We never would have found it without you, or won our little bidding war, and we feel lucky to have you on our side.

Thanks again.

Leslie, Scott, & Ryder

With Gratitude

We thank our lucky stars for having you in our lives. Thank you for helping us find our home.

John & Ileana

Special Touch

We so appreciate you and all you did to make the purchase of our new loft happen so smoothly.

Thank you for your personal touch, which means so much.

Pam & Joe

You Went Above and Beyond


Since we are all settled in, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help in selling my home and purchasing my condo. You were the most patient, caring and hardworking person I have ever dealt with. You are a Gem!

I hope to stay in touch. I wish I could work with you again soon, but am happy with my new home.

Thank you also for the wonderful basket of food you gave us! That was our meals for the first two days when we were moving in. Thank you so much, you are wonderful!!

Carla, Jim and Braxton

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Hi Marsha,

Too bad that we don't have any more houses for sale. We've enjoyed working with you and spending time with you so much so that we would love to have you for a family member. You are not only a consummate professional but you are also a wonderful lady with a capital "L".

All the best to you and Dave.

Susan & Paul (July 2012)

Thanks Marsha

You are an outstanding real estate agent. We have worked with many agents in the past, and you were the best.
Afsar Khan (August 2012)

"Over the Top!"

Marsha was always responsive, helpful, gave excellent advice for the preparation before the sale plus feedback from viewers opinions. She brought many more potential buyers to our home than our previous agent (3 years ago), and always presented a most professional and supportive appearance. We couldn't be happier!

Jennifer Hopkins & Pierre Bustanoby (October 2012)

In appreciation

I appreciate all that Marsha Matchett did towards selling my Inglewood home. She is super and I recommend her to friends.
Pat Schjelland (May 2013)


Congratulations on the successful closing of my parent's house! They were so lucky to have such a capable and patient agent guiding them through this difficult process. Thanks for sticking with them through the many ups and downs, you are truly the best!

Patience and Hard Work

Thank you so much for all your patience and hard work. You made the whole process so much more pleasant and fun.
Kim & Ross Infinger (July 2013)

Again, Thank You

Again, thank you for all your hard work. You are a top notch realtor.
Ann September 2013

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your patience with all the delays. I think that in the end it all worked out and Mom and Dad would have been happy with the outcome. Certainly, Linda and I are. Keep up the good work and continue to enjoy what you do.
Barbara Durat (September 2013)

Thanks for your guidance and patience

Thank you for your patience with us since it took so long to get on the market but it turned out well and everything went smoothly thanks to your guidance.
Linda Miles (September 2013)

Thank you for everything

Thank you for everything! We're so thankful for your expertise and patience. We love our new house! Best Wishes.
Kathleen & Andrew Luck (September 2013)

Thanks once again Marsha

Marsha is incredibly experienced and knows how to make her clients and sellers comfortable with complex transactions. Her professionalism is shown in every single step of finding and buying the "right" house for us: from the moment she started to show us multiple listings, she applied no pressure and rush in our decisions, but if needed, provided with great advices and reasonable directions and guidance, to the way how she presented the offers to prospective sellers and their agents. With so much going on right now on the market, Marsha's confidence and knowledge was an unbelievable help to navigate this complicated and dynamically changing market.
Nelly and Ganady (December 2013)

Best Wishes

I hope this finds you well.
I wanted to wish you the best for the New Year and thank you again for hanging in there so long with my house sale.
You were a joy to work with and I'll miss our interactions.
Best to you and yours,
Inge (December 2013)

Thank you again for everything

Wow! We are finally done with everything, and we are just so happy that it is all over! Thank you again for everything. I will never forget you and how well you handled everything...and with such patience.
We pray you have a healthy, happy 2014.
Loretta and Les (December 2013)

I can't thank YOU enough

I can't thank YOU enough for everything. You are a true professional (I can't state this enough) and wonderful to work with.
More than anything, I think we are now friends!
Thank you, thank you!
(March 2014)

Thank you

Thank you so much. No one could have worked harder or done more. Good grief, we had been trying to sell for 5 years, and you made it happen.
And our relationship is certainly not over, we will be in touch.
Thank you,

Thank You

Thank you
Thank you for everything! It has been quite the journey since we first met, and we’ve sincerely enjoyed working with you in finding our new home. Your professionalism, patience and dedication throughout the entire process made it a great experience for us. We really appreciate the gift card you threw in with the keys! We’ll be sure to use it wisely for something that will remain in our new home for many years.

Thanks again!
Allan and Jessi Bottemiller

Thank you for your perseverance

Thank you for your help selling our home and purchasing our condo. You were very patient with us, answering all our questions. We both feel that we received the best possible price for our house and that your worked hard to make it happen in 2 months. We are also pleased with our new condo and your help in our purchasing it. Thank you for your perseverance, diligence, and sweet soul.

Charlotte & Doug (2015)

Delighted to have found her

Just want to be absolutely sure that you hear this from me (instead of it being filtered by a survey).  My agent Marsha Hatchett  is simply the best.  Bar none without exception.  I could not be more pleased with everything that she has done.  If you can figure out how to clone her, I suggest that you start immediately.  
I am delighted to have “found” her.
Steven Dona Architecture